What To Consider When Choosing A New School For Your Child

Story By: Oregbemi Olumide

With the rate at which private schools spring up in Nigeria, there may be a little confusion when trying to choose where to enroll your child. When you understand the important role of education in a life, you will realize how important it is to be careful and be guided when choosing and planning to enroll your child in a school.

When you are naturally not choosy and very particular about your choice, you may have issues and challenges with deciding where to enroll your child.  Reason being that you may be lost in the dazing number of schools available. However, when you are classy with evidence of affordability, you may not be categorized among those who are likely to be confused. People in this category know what they want and they go for it. That’s all.

If you find yourself in the other category, here is a list of things to consider before enrolling your child in a school:

Educational background of school owners

In most cases, schools are established for business reasons. Hardly will you find a school owner who runs a school for passion before profit. I am not against running a school for business reasons. After all, everybody wants to make money. But there is always a difference when a school is run with passion compared to schools run purely for business reasons. There are some indices and discouraging indicators that passion can withstand which completely business minded schools may not be able to withstand. This fact plays a serious role in the management pattern and style with which a school organization is run. The educational background of a school owner in all cases determines the manner of management.  This is not to say that people without formal educational cannot run a school business successfully. The point is that many of them may not have the required management skill to run a school, except they employ a qualified manager. Unfortunately, lack of requisite management skills is what drives most of them to employing glaringly unqualified managers in order to reduce expenses. Sometimes you may be shocked at the quality of teachers in some schools. As parents, you must be seriously interested in the quality of the school owner’s academic background. It determines so many things. This is very key.

The Quality of Academic Staff

It is impossible to give what you don’t have. What do you expect when your child is daily taught by an unqualified teacher employed by the school management where your child is enrolled?  Most formation periods of little children have been badly affected this way due to the bad quality of the teaching staff of some schools. Most needless remedial classes organized for teenagers are to remedy the damage done long ago. In some cases, this damage is not correctable. It is therefore important to be interested in the quality of teachers that work where you are about to enroll your child. Never take your child to a school you can’t boast of, particularly when it comes to quality education. If you are denied access to knowing their teachers’ quality, try to informally relate with two or three of their teaching staff. This will give you an idea of their quality.

Teaching Methodology

The methods of teaching employed by a school teaching staff are very important. Most schools are not dynamic with their teaching methods. Learning can either be simplified or difficult by the teaching methodology of a teacher.                                                                                                                                               As a parent, ask questions. As a parent, be willing to know. Find out how teachers impart knowledge. Sometimes, this information may be difficult to get. On the other hand, such information may be obtained by informally engaging with children or other parents who patronize that same school.

Security Plan

Security is a big issue. Not many organizations structurally plan for security.  Until there is an irreversible breach of security, many school organizations may not completely appreciate the important role that security plays.  So, when you plan to enroll your child in a school, critically consider what value the school places on security. The trauma of a breached security is usually more devastating and more expensive than what it costs to prevent it. So, if a school does not invest in security, it gives you an idea of the value the school places on the lives of their pupils. Enrolling your child in such a school is an attempt to risk it all.

The Conduciveness of Learning Environment

It is funny what some people call schools going by the conduciveness of their learning environments. It should matter to you the type of environment a school is situated. Some people don’t care, you should care. A learning environment should be serene and academically friendly. When there are distractions here and there, it is obvious that learning may be difficult in such environment. So, pay keen attention.



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